When do you take payments?

Once your membership has been processed you will be emailed your invoice for your joining fee and your first months membership. This will be collected once your direct debit has been set up.

Are the fees same for every licence type?

As licence types all serve a different purpose fees will vary.

How do i pay for my membership?

As part of the setup process, all members will complete a variable direct debit mandate which is emailed to the member for completion. Once in place any services ordered and any membership related fees will be collected via the direct debit. 

Are the fees same in every area?

As every local authority has differing requirements, membership fees do vary area to area.

Can i pay by any other method?

Members can only make payments by Direct Debit and the direct debit must remain in place throughout the membership. Cancellation of the direct debit will result in membership termination. Other methods of payment cost significantly more to process and therefore would impact the overall cost of running the scheme and ultimately the membership fee.

What happens if i join after a designated selective licence scheme start date?

If you owned the property and the property was tenanted then you will be charged from the scheme start date up to present day, however if you are a new owner or the property has only just been occupied by a tenant then you will be charged from your joining date onwards. Its a major benefit to joining Home Safe as a direct application with the local Authority would result in being charged from the scheme start date for all scenarios.

Can i pay annually?

I'm afraid not, all payments must be paid monthly.

What if i join after the 20th of the month?

In this case you will receive an invoice for your first month and the following month as the direct debit will not be established in time to take the next payment due.